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 تفاصيل خبر بشامل

Annual Ceremony WFI’s Employees - Jeddah

On Saturday, April 7th 2018, Al Watania for Industries held an Annual celebration for its employees in Jeddah. In the presence of CEO Engr. Ibrahim Behairi, SBUs Heads, Factories GMs & Directors and employees. This ceremony comes within the framework of the activities that senior management is keen to hold in regular basis in order to strengthen the positive relationship among all its employees both inside and outside of the work, and enhance teamwork in the spirit of one family. The event included a number of competitions and sports championships which attracted a great deal of interest and interaction from the attendees. Afterwards, an official ceremony was held to celebrate and honor the employees of the company who have spent several years in service. The CEO addressed the staff praising their efforts and contributed to achieving WFI's goals through perseverance and concerted efforts also congratulated the honorees at the ceremony. The ceremony included a draw on a number of valuable prizes and an awarding to all the winning teams in sports competitions in addition to honoring the employees who spent several years in the service of the Al Watania for Industries.

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