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 تفاصيل خبر بشامل


On Wednesday, Aug 08, 2018, the CEO Engr. Ibrahim Behairi, reviewed the results of Al Watania Paper Products (WAPER) Jeddah for the second quarter of the year 2018, in a meeting with the presence of WAPER Jeddah Plant GM Engr. Bandar Al Enazi, WAPER Sales & Marketing GM Abdullah Al Araik and Senior Managers of WAPER Jeddah. After the end of the meeting, the CEO conducted a tour inside the plant facilities. Then he attended the plant celebration of the achievement of full year with zero lost time incidents (1 Million Safe-man Hours). He rewarded the employees who contributed positively in the safety procedure and has also stressed the important of continuing efforts to improve SHE performance in the plant. On the other hand, the CEO Engr. Ibrahim Behairi along with WAPER Jeddah Plant GM and WAPER Sales & Marketing conducted a visit to Binzagr Company which is one of the our strategic customers.

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