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 تفاصيل خبر بشامل

Honoring FEKRAH campaign Winner

On Saturday December 23rd, 2017 Vice Chairman Sheikh Fahad bin Sulaiman Al Rajhi honored Engr. Bandar Mohammed Al Enazi, the General Manager of Al-Watania Paper Products (WAPER) in Jeddah, the winner of FEKRAH campaign in its second year. The campaign theme was “Sales Challenges & Initiative 2017” and was launched during the period from April 18th, to May 7th, 2017. The winning idea in the campaign was “Establishing a Centralized Marketing Department" from many valuable ideas presented during the campaign, as the number of ideas submitted were 138 ideas. It is worth mentioning that Al Watania for Industries organizes FEKRAH campaign annually for the purpose of investing the rich experiences possessed by its employees in all areas, focusing on creative development topics and providing the means for the them to share their ideas, opinions and feedback to develop and increase performance.

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